Making a difference

Our responsibilities

Right now, we’re the largest British-owned airport operator with thriving businesses in many other airport related areas. We got there by discovering that rare balance between economic, social and environmental considerations - and that’s something we’re more than committed to building on, wherever we work in the world.

Our business

Our UK operations are privately managed on behalf of our shareholder group, which consists of an extremely successful public/private partnership with a number of local councils. It’s an enviable business model, but it also carries the responsibility of having a huge economic impact on more organizations and businesses than you might think.


Sustainability is an enormous part of our overall business strategy, our vision and our values. We’re also the kind of business that loves engaging, communicating and sharing our knowledge, and we believe we can continue to make a difference to the way airports across the world think about sustainability.

The environment

The environment is a big issue. And we’re putting a big emphasis on it. Manchester was the first UK airport to achieve ISO14001 environmental management standard in 2002, and since also achieving carbon neutral status for ground operations at our East Midlands and Bournemouth Airports in 2012, we’ve been working hard to expand this across our other operations. We’re also committed to sharing our knowledge in our industry and beyond, in everything from reducing carbon to managing impact on water, waste, ecology, and land use.

Our communities

We like to think we’re responsible and considerate neighbors. That’s why we carefully consider the needs of our nearby communities, and strive to build rewarding and constructive relationships that support economic development. We achieved the highest Platinum ranking the 2012 Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index, we donated over $450k to local community groups and a further $600k to local arts and cultural initiatives in 2013-2014, and our colleagues volunteer nearly 9,000 hours to local causes each year.

We’re also just as committed to local employment and education, too. To put that into perspective, 663 people took advantage of specialist training at our Airport academies in 2014 alone, and 1194 people have been referred for jobs in total.

Our charities

Over the years MAG has worked with a number of different charity partners. 

Manchester Airport announced it would be partnering with Cheshire-based Medcare in October 2011. MAG contributed on a number of exciting projects that have raised vital funds for the work that Medcare do at their Wellspring Children's Medical Centre in rural Uganda. The airport is continually fundraising for Medcare and has been a monumental support toward the enduring growth and expansion of its center in Uganda.

Our most recent graduates are currently partnering with Medcare. Last year they went over to see how the money has been used. 

Our People

Our people are what make our business. Like us, they live vibrant, colorful, and creative lives. They share our aims and ambitions. They know how to make the most of inspirational and imaginative workplaces. And they understand that working as one team is essential. In fact, we’re committed to helping everyone at MAG build their own knowledge, experience and skills as fast as we build ours and we use a huge 24,000 business hours for training each year - which has helped us achieve the British Standard for Health and Safety Accreditation OHSAS 18001 with a 5 star rating.

Our Customers

We understand that we’ll only achieve our bold vision if we achieve success in customer service, safety and security. And with 48.5 million customers a year to impress, it’s a challenge that we’re loving every single minute of.

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